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Engineer Jobs - 7 Steps to Becoming an Engineer. engineeringcrossing.
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According to this article, there are alot of majors under engineering, such as mechanical engineer jobs and electrical engineer jobs. Also, the author mentioned seven steps to be an engineer. the first step is Start Your Studies as Soon as Possible. The second steo is Prepare for the SAT. The third step is Investigate the Different Engineering Fields. The fourth step is Investigate the College Programs Available for Engineers. The fifth step is Ambition is Good But Self Preservation Is Important. The sixth step isConsider Furthering Your Specialization. The seventh step is Get Your Engineer License.

The article was very helpful. In this article, I learned alot of information about engineering in general. Moreover, I learned how to becom an engineer. In addition, this article gave me ideas about my major. Also, this artical showed me a new thing about the major. Befor I read this article, I did not know about the SAT test, but the article gave me an idea about it. To conclude, the article helps me to know alot of information about the engineering.



Graduating Engineers Command the Highest Salaries. Mechanical Engineering Magazine

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The article talked about the paid degrees. And he discussed the best salary, and engineering accounted for the eight of the 10 most highly paid. And, the mechanical engineering was the seventh best paying degree. The petroleum engineering was the best paying degree, The average of offers rose to 86,220 from 83,121. Also, the article mentioned that the engineering became better than business majors, yet the Liberal art majors fell down. Finally, the article said that the factors play big roles in the salary rising.


The article was interesting for me because my major is mechanical engineering. The article mentioned one of the most important offers in job which is the salary. And, it surprised me, because I thought that the Mechanical Engineering salary was less than what the article said. And, the new information that I learned from the article was that the Engineering became better than business majors.


Getz,M (2008, Sep). Engineering jobs following the money but can engineers follow the jobs?. California Job Journal Retrieved from:

The article discussed how much the engineers can get from the engineering jobs. The article mentioned an example, that after years of stagnant oil price, money is flowing into the oil patch. This news is good for the petroleum engineers. And, the article said that each kind or engineering has its own market with different starting salaries. Also mentioned is that if the salary is high, the job will not be very easy.

In the last article I read about the engineering job situation. Moreover, I found that the mechanical engineering is the best job for me. Therefore, in this article I looked about the mechanical engineering (on other side). I looked into the financial situation, and I learned from the article many things. The first thing is the engineering job is following the money. The second thing is that the employment has grown 8 percent per year. Lastly, that the civil, mechanical, and industrial engineering have the most jobs, but median earning are higher for petroleum, computer hardware, and aerospace engineering.

Monday, November 29, 2010



CJJ Staff (2007, March 18). CAREER SNAPSHOT: Mechanical Engineering. California Job Journal


According to Bureau Of Labor Statistics, mechanical engineering is projected to increase from 9 to 17 percent through 2014. And the employment in manufacturing is declining. Also the article mentioned the mechanical engineering job duties, which are research, develop, design, manufacture, and test tools and other mechanical devices. Then, the article mentioned what a successful engineer is. They are creative, analytical, and detail orented. Also, the article talked about the job requirements, which is a bachilor degree in mechanical engineering. And,the article talked about the working conditiones; the article said that most engineers work in office buildings, laboratories or industrial plants, but others spend time out door at construction sites.


The article showed what the engineers need to know about their major. The article mentioned the most important information that they need, which are: job duties, job requirement, job market updates, working condition, and where the jobs are. And, for me I learned many things. The first thing is the the increasing or engineering employment. The second thing is what my duties are as a mechanical enngineer. The last thing is where my job is.

Monday, August 2, 2010

weblog assignment #3

The video's name is Claud Monet:Inventing Impression. The reporter's name is Emma. Emma, shows many things about Monet. He was born il Paris, Franch in 1840. His father owned a grocery store, and his mother was a singer. When he was 5 years old his family moved to Le Havre. When his mother died he moved to Paris an lived with his aunt. He studied art in Paris. His friends were Renoir, Bazille, and Sisley. He marred Camille. But he was obsessed with painting, and he painted her on her deathbed. After this painting he decided that he would never paint a person again.

I like Monet's kind of art. He is an impressionist. He wanted to capture the new nvance of light. The impressionists were against painting pictures with many moral messages. They did have a firm understanding of colors there and the nature of light. They like to paint the same subject. Also, they like to work directly from nature. Some impressionists are Monet, Manet, and Passaro. I like the impressionists, because it shows the nature. And, I like his way of the art, and his kind of color that he used in his painting. He is a great artist.

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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Art Of Ancient Egypt

The style of the art is sculpture. The art began from 3500 B.C to 300 A.D. The art wasn't from clay, but instead actually of Ceramic composed primarily of Quartz. The picture that I chose is from the Ancient Egyptian Art. The sculpture's name is phonix.
The sculpture is in Egypt. It is 241 ft(73,5m), 20ft wide, and 66ft(20,22m) high. The statue was carved in the 26th century B.C. The sculpture is seen like a human face in a lion body. The beard is broken in a war. It is now in museum in Europe.

I like Ancient Eygptain art. I wrote abou this art for three reasons. First, I like cculpture. Second, the art shows a great old culture. Lastly, the art shows how the people were very strong to made this sclupture. to conclude, the Ancient Eygatain art is a gret art, because it shows a gret, and strong old culture.

Monday, July 19, 2010

The weblog assignment #1

This picture by Laetitia. It describe the people life in Haii. It was a work day. There was a woman holding her children. She was taking them to school. There was a broken car. And, there was a man fixing it. The car in middle was a stovedore's. I think it is for family. They are moving from the town. On the lift there is a man pushing a food wagon. He sells the food. There is an old woman in the top of building. she is holding her baby. I think the painting is very beautiful, because it describes people life in a small town.

The picture is in the book: page 74 picture A